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We are a specialty in providing holidays and travel to the physically challenged tourists visiting Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Our holidays and travel packages ensure that your disability is not inability. We provide holidays and travel packages that are highly customized to overcome challenges that the impaired tourists face while traveling. Whether you are sight impaired, speech impaired, hearing impaired, on a wheelchair or elderly, you can travel specially with us.

Our holidays include travel arrangements, hotel booking, tours and safaris, adventures, activities and events, motivational trips, community visits and volunteer activities. It’s a whole new experience that will leave you totally amazed.¬†You will be able to watch the masai mara wilde beast and zebra migration, listen to the chirping of birds, feel the ocean breeze at the coast, ride a camel at maralal and a donkey at Lamu, watch the beautiful sunset at savannah and even fish at the top of the Mt. Kenya. We will ensure that you get the experience of your lifetime. Give us a chance and let us travel you specially!